Download FaceApp Mod apk for Android

faceapp mod apk

Type: Application

Version: 3.4.8

Rating: 4.35

Size: 12.41 MB


Faceapp mod apk: faceapp mod apk is the best action game. the game is developed by ‘FaceApp inc’. In this application transform your face in just one click. The game is not only for time pass it also helpful. The game provides more features, you can completely change the face, add a beautiful smile, get younger or older, transfer your fave to more attractive, and using filter feature you can get more cool selfies too, change gender with this app. contains more additional features. The best action game ever!!

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  • Change Expression of your face
  • Add smile or sadness
  • Get younger or older
  • get coolest selfie
  • change gender


Here you can download faceapp mod apk without any redirection, there is no shortened URL all are directly downloadable google drive links. So you can download all the games with a single click.

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