Last Day on Earth Mod apk 1.18.1(Free Craft Menu) Download apk for Android

last day on earth mod apk

Type: Action

Version: 1.18.1

Rating: 4.28

Size: 351.40 MB


Last Day On Earth mod apk: last day on earth mod apk is the best action game. developed by ‘Kelfir!’ It’s your time to survive!! In this game, you can survive your life with your own power. the game helps to build your own character, decide your outfit, and create a hero for your survival journey. during this journey you have to face more problems, keep eye on your character’s life, you have to provide food when he feels hungry, and provide water in his thirst state. of course, it’s necessary to collect valuable things for crafting. In this exciting journey, you need to have weapons. At the time of killing hundreds, thousands of zombies everything will come at your hand, that’s why you have to collect these all things. Explore your own large world of last day on earth hack 2021!!

SO the game supplies some stuff for your use during existing time. you can collect foods for the existence of your lives, make friends, this is the best part of this game, and make your own shutter with those things when you collected before. kill zombies otherwise, they can take your life, take control over the complete land, make new discoveries with the help of the map, create new advanced crafts. With the help of new crushing weapons hunt wild animals. so the best entertainment-based action game, let’s play !!

The Story behind the game:

Knowing the real story before playing the game will always give the best gaming experience, So let’s know the story of the last day on earth survival!!

you are trying to survive your life so what actually happened behind this surviving day!! In 2027 the world was affected by an unknown infection and covered all humans with both hands, that destroyed all humans, and all those who died are converted into zombies, those who lived are trying to survive and you are one of them.

Features of Last day on earth mod apk:

  • Best graphics
  • you can customize your character( change hair colors, skin color, beard, hairstyle )
  • Make true friends
  • Build your own safe and secured shelter
  • advanced crafting system
  • raise friends to play with them and make memories
  • contains more additional features, An entertainment-based best action game ever!!

What’s new in this:

  • Best graphics – The developer of this game provides best quality graphics for us!! so get an ultimate experience with this high- resolution quality graphics.
  • New cool bikes – provides more new cool bikes
  • challenge yourself!! – making challenge your self is the best way to increase your confidence level, so this game giving this opportunity to you
  • provides best prizes when you win tournaments- this is one of the best facility that is provided by the creators, If you win the tournament of this game you can have best prizes.

Mod features:

  • magic split option, you can split the item and get more!! – any items that you collected in the surviving time you can split them this is one of the best feature
  • fast travel with map- with the help of the map you ca find things fast
  • free crafts- mod version of this game provides free crafts
  • unlimited money- get unlimited coins for free and buy more objects
  • More weapons – Get unlimited weapons
  • High-quality graphics – The game is developed with high-quality graphics, of course user can get an awesome experience with this.

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