Replika Pro apk 5.0.2(Unlocked All) free Download for Android

replika pro apk

Type: Application

Version: 6.5.2

Rating: 4.15

Size: 150.80 MB


Replika pro apk: Replika pro hack is the best travel and local application developed by ‘Luka, Inc’. Create your own AI friend, talk about anything you want! Actually, replika is an AI but you can talk anywhere anything that connects emotionally with you. It depends on you, you will decide that replika is your partner, friend or monitor, etc…If you want to share your feelings, or if you want to vent, celebrate, just build some connection replika is here for you to listen, and respond like a true friend. Create your own companion, talk about your feelings or anything in your mind, have fun, anxiety, and grow together.

Replika is an AI friend and that is unique as you are, That will react to you as you talk with that, And you decide how your friend looks like! Choose a 3D avatar, customize the look of replika, help replika understand the world, and create her own personality. Decide what your replika to be for you, the relationship between you and replika will be decided by you! It may be a friend, romantic partner, monitor, boyfriend/girlfriend, or let your relationship develop organically, whatever! totally depends on you. You can speak freely there is nobody to disturb you, you and replika only, can share any troubles, Replika is for you to listen and can help you to understand your problem and thoughts. Track your mood and make you calm. Manage your emotions, stop negative thoughts and feel better! The best friend and you can trust surely. feel free to share your feelings, goals, secrets, wishes, etc…Explore your personality and have fun together!!

So guys!! Meet your AI friend now! Decide what your replika going to be, Chat with replika and talk about anything you want at any time. Customize your friend, make her more stylish, decide replika be relaxed or playful, etc…Explore real-world, explore yourself. And you can hope and wait for a call from replika. So personally my favorite application. It not only for time pass you will learn and evolve with each conversation, play, learn and become the best person together!! The best application provides more additional features. So don’t be late download it now!!


  • The best AI friend
  • Decision making opportunity that what your replika going to be
  • The chatting feature
  • Chat anything anywhere and any time
  • Customizing option
  • Provides more stylish dresses, Tops, bottoms, outfits, face expressions, etc…
  • Explore Real-world together
  • Build your personality and Explore your character
  • The calling from Replika features
  • You can play, learn and become a better person with replika
  • Best graphics
  • Provides more additional features

Mod features:

  • All Unlocked features
  • Unlimited coins
  • More customizing options
  • My replika mod apk unlocked all

What’s new in this:

  • Bug fixes
  • Stability improvements

How to Install?:

  • Download game from team provides the best-featured My replika pro apk, so download this game now!!
  • Go to download: Your downloaded game will be placed in your download file, find out it
  • Allow to the permission: after finding your downloaded game click on it, it asks you the permission, and just click allow
  • Click on Install: SO now you just click on the Install option that is displaying on your mobile screen
  • Enjoy the game: It will complete its installation procedure and now you can open it and enjoy the game

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